Real-time diagnostics for the industry

Customized software for the diagnosis and the measurement of damages/malfunctions in industrial machines and systems (even embedded). Visualization of reports and alarms on mobile devices and possibility of data memorization and elaboration in the cloud.

Product description

  • Customization: the diagnostic software is completely customized to meet the specific needs.
  • Data acquisition: it is possible to acquire data through all the most popular industrial protocols (based on UDP and TCP, on serial transmission, CAN, MVB, etc.).
  • Data correction and validation: in case of uncorrected errors, the software can validate them and, if possible, correct them automatically.
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  • Real time: we provide real-time solutions, transmitting information and undertaking actions characterized by little delay.
  • 365/24: the installed software can remain active even in the absence of operators and maintenance. We offer solutions for the automated recovery, the self-diagnostics and down time minimization.
  • Reliability: the installed software has the fault tolerance required to fix system failures without being affected during the repairing process.
  • Logging: every anomalous event is recorded and it is analyzable by visualizing the log, even from the Web and mobile platforms (Smartphone, Tablet).
  • Simulation environments: it is possible (on request) to develop ad hoc simulation environments, that are often essential for the diagnostics of products that are part of more complex systems.
  • Lifecycle Process Management: it is possible to embed diagnostic data into software solutions which offer the managing of the entire lifecycle of the product.