Finsoft - Servizi
ICT & Engineering: throughout the years, at Finsoft, we built a team capable of offering efficient IT solutions in different technological sectors.

The ability of combining these two perspectives allows us to model our services in a very efficient and reliable way, through the constant comparison between the various competences and the consequent integrated vision of problems and solutions.

Thanks to this approach, here at Finsoft, we consolidated a unique style, always aware of the specific needs of the Client. This style has become easily recognised and appreciated for its success: the relationship of trust established with our Clients is the consequence of our successful approach.

The Services that we offer are the result of this continuous search for accurate and precise solutions.

Today we are able to intervene at every stage of the development cycle of the “knowledge & technology intensive” initiatives.


The Consulting area combines the two fundamental competences of the ICT and the Engineering fields. Thanks to this union we are able to guide our Clients in the revision of specific procedures and in the evaluation of organizational and technological matters.

Project Management

A complex project must be undertaken with the awareness that the success of the initiative depends on a well organized approach. All the aspects concurring to the achievement of the objective must be accounted for, including the ability to organize everything in accordance with the quality standards.

In this context, the twofold approach of Finsoft is well expressed: from the project specification Management to the material supply Management; from the Supervision of the order demands to the Tracking of the planning in accordance with the Production Plan; from the Consolidation of the financial situation for the project reviews to the Updating of the Project Performance Indicators using data provided by the Work Package Owner.

Quality Assurance

Beside the high standards accomplished in the business management processes, here at Finsoft we reached a considerable ability in the management of Safety Related projects, in which adequacy to quality and safety standards is essential.

In this context, we can guarantee qualified expertise in the following areas:

  • Implementation Flow Management / Emission of Quality Dossiers for Safety Related projects Quality Dossier Registry and Archives Update
  • Non-conformity Management and Safety Related projects Quality Process Design
  • Support in configuration management and installation of Safety Related projects
  • Selection, evaluation and monitoring of product suppliers and service providers
  • Determination of indicators and support models for Supply Chain Management

System Integration

We fully express our distinctive interdisciplinary approach through the System Integration, bringing extra value to the integration. We do not want to simply assemble “the existing”, we strive to obtain improvements and advantages for a continuing evolution. At Finsoft we work on the entire cycle: from the analysis of the process to the definition of the technology architecture; from the application integration to the definition of networking; from the system integration to the software development on all the platforms, in all the main programming languages and frameworks.

Development and Implementation of Application Solutions

We develop ad hoc application solutions, following the entire cycle. We also provide consulting services to meet the specific needs of each Client.

Application and technology architectures, the programming languages and the methodologies of analysis and development are supported by technicians experienced in the Mainframe, the Departmental and Open environments.

Application Management

At Finsoft we provide Application Management services on many levels, with different inputs and contractual terms defined on each Client’s needs and based on the Service Level Agreement.

We are able to offer lifecycle management solutions for a range of applications as well as for the single application; we can also intervene with evolutive and corrective maintenance. Our service comprises a Help Desk, a Costumer Support service and customized SLAs, agreed upon with the Client. We also provide checks and reports for monitoring the interventions’ progress and the level of the service. Our services can be carried out – partially or totally – at the Client’s premises or at Finsoft.

System Diagnosis / Safety Related Applications / Integration & Testing

As for Engineering, at Finsoft we design and create software applications to support the system diagnostics in the railway and automotive fields and for safety-related applications. Moreover we offer consulting services to help design software in accordance with the international regulations.

We define and implement Verification and Validation cycles of SIL4 applications and we offer expert advice in the analysis of complex systems to verify if the safety standards are met.