RCC Rehosting Competence Centre

What is rehosting?

Rehosting is the one-to-one transport of software applications from the IBM MainFrame to Unix, Linux or Windows target platforms. There are no substantial changes of functioning, for both end users and application management teams.

RCC Rehosting Competence Centre

The benefits are:

  • marked reduction of the running costs, even up to six times;
  • superior performances (processing time faster by 80% on average);
  • reliability of the hardware/software platform (surpassing that of the MainFrame), that becomes extremely high in the case of redundant hardware cluster solutions (standard by now);
  • predisposition for evolution, now based on target platforms.

Rehosting projects:

The rehosting projects have specific features and, to avoid long times/high costs or the risk of errors, they cannot be handled by using the traditional software development and maintenance techniques. They must be supported by specific tools and methods that allow handling the “critical nodes” of this type of problems, like the testing of rehosted files/DB data and the migration of the ecosystem in which applications run (schedulers, document management systems, etc…).

The RCC solution (Rehosting Competence Centre)

The specialized methodological/technological solutions we offer allow to nullify the risks and to reduce time and costs, thanks to the high levels of automation throughout the whole process. Particularly, as a guarantee of quality, a high number of automated tests for all processing phases of the rehosted applications are run (daily, weekly, monthly, etc…). At the same time, the highly automated migration and the use of specific methods and tools improve time and costs, thus allowing to reach the break-even point within the year (in 8 or 9 months on average).

The RCC solutions, applicable to many important success stories of various companies, prove the efficacy of these technologies in meeting the time, cost and reliability objectives.